If 12 hours passed, you did not receive your order,  we are sorry about it.

1. Our key is out, and supplier did not update our balance yet.
=> Please keep patient, normally, this action will take upto 48 hours, after 48 hours, we will refund your money, dont worry!

2. Email was sent to SPAM / JUNK or rejected by email provider.
=> Please follow instruction in https://support.premiumkey.co/support/solutions/articles/80000854114-i-dont-receive-any-emails-from-premiumkey 

3. Provider website is under attack, and our system cant get your premium key instantly.
=> We will re-try hourly to re-generate your premium key automatically.

4. You opened dispute after paying.
=> We do not appreciate this action, when we receive dispute / chargeback, we will close your order and delete your keys. We will wait for your action to close dispute / chargeback to resend your key again.


5.  You can get your premium key / account by our Lookup function:  https://support.premiumkey.co/support/solutions/articles/80000854108-how-can-i-check-order-status-